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for IPMAT 2023 Personal Interview Preparations.

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Student Testimonials

Juhi Mehra

I am thrilled to share my experience with the Special PI Batch at IPM Careers. I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable this program has been in shaping my success specifically for the PI (Personal Interview) stage.

Jiya Kejriwal

I am immensely grateful for the Special PI Batch at IPM Careers. The focused guidance, personalized attention, and comprehensive study materials provided by the program helped me excel in my Personal Interview (PI). It made a significant difference in my preparation and ultimately led to my success. I cannot thank IPM Careers enough for offering such an incredible program

Perks :

Expert faculty from IIMs, IITs, and renowned universities worldwide.

Personalized professional supervision for individualized guidance.

Stress management sessions to handle the pressures of personal interviews.

Global perspective with faculty from universities across the globe.

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